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Grape Ape Faded Fruits

Faded Fruits are extremely potent THC-infuse gummies

that come in variety of flavors. Grape Ape is a sativa strain

that carries fresh citrus flavors and is pack with 500 MG

of THC for the package, 50 mg per gummy.

What Are Faded Fruits?

Faded Fruits are extremely potent cannabis-infused

gummies that come in assorted flavors.

Lime Diesel is a sativa strain that carry’s fresh citrus

flavors and packed with 500 MG of THC.

What is the THC Content in Faded Fruits Cannabis Infused Gummies?

Each package contains 10 gummies.  Each gummy has

50 MG of THC.  The total package contains 500 MG of THC.

What are the Effects of Faded Fruits grape ape Gummies?

Like with ingesting 50 mg of THC in any form, Faded

Fruits gummies are going to change your mood and consciousness.

Because Lime Diesel is a sativa strain, its effects are more

associated with feelings of good vibes and euphoria.

You may feel more social than normal and have feelings of being very content.

What is the Best Dose to Take?

Try a 1/4 of one gummy, give it a few hours and see

how your body responds.  Be responsible and use common sense!

How Do I Order? 

Just enter the number of packages you want above, follow

the steps, and you will receive a confirmation text with next

steps from us when we receive the order.   We offer guarantee

, fast delivery for your complete satisfaction.



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