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LIVE RESIN Badder Concentrate

Live Resin Badder, or batter, Live Rosin Badder is a type of consistency for concentrates cannabis.

It is identify by its malleable texture and looks and feels quite similar to frosting.

There is no one type of badder though, for its appearance depends

on the quality of the starting materials as well as the methods of extraction.

It can be somewhat sticky with different types of consistencies,

and the color is a soft golden yellow. Live Resin Badder

Budder, on the other hand, is another type of concentrate

which is similar to butter (hence the name budder).

This is one of the softer concentrates and Live Rosin Badder

appears in many solvent-base extractions of the concentrate.

It has also known to occur automatically in a process

of auto-buddering when the extracts  store properly, 

It had initially emerge onto the scene in the 90s by

a maker known as Budderking, distribute in Vancouver.


Both of these  use to describe the way the extract looks and feels.

The appearance changes base on the strain used to make

the concentrates, so it can be anywhere from green-brown, to golden butter.

They are almost always produces from really high-quality strains,

and as a result, they are quite potent but smooth.

To feel the complete intensity of badder or budder,

it is usually dab – a form of consumption where

the concentrate  melts and the vapors inhale. 

It should  note that the development and manufacturing

of these and different forms of cannabis concentrates

should only be done by people who are experience

professionals since these processes can be dangerous,

especially if one is unaware of the strains being used.

Live Rosin Badder



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