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MKX Cartridge

MKX Carts the brand MKX Oil Co is a true patient-over-profit company. Michigan medical cannabis patients have access to the cleanest, high-potency cartridges crafted with care and the most attention to detail. Also, Integrity is essential to MKX Oil Co. The dedicated team produces premium medical cannabis cartridges with the highest standards and most transparency.

 To conclude, MKX Oil Co is here to the rescue, supplying Michigan the healthiest, organically cultivated, pesticide-free, and chemical-free cannabis products.


The founder has been part of the medical cannabis industry since 2013, and a supporter of the plant for longer. His years in medicinal cannabis revealed that not every patient’s needs were being met. Clean cannabis was hard to come by, and he longed to provide something better for folks throughout Michigan. He started developing a brand, leaping every hurdle from compliance to faulty cartridges. After perfecting every aspect, he was ready to reveal his premium cannabis oils to the world. MKX Oil Co launched in 2017.


All MKX Oil Co products start as organically grown cannabis flowers, cultivated indoors for maximum cleanliness and quality control. Furthermore, MKX Oil Co strives to be as close to a medical institution possible, producing their oils with methods and inputs of the highest grade. MKX Oil Co cartridges are free from solvents and MCT oil, users experience pure cannabinoids and terpenes with every drag. And their purity is proven. MKX’s distillate renders between 90-93% THC and 94-98% entire spectrum cannabinoids, the highest testing in the state.


MKX Oil Co offers a vast selection of strain-specific distillate cartridges. Also, Users can enjoy classic strains like GG4 and Blue Dream as well as naturally sweet cultivars like Sunset Sherbet, or Gelato. More-so, No matter which premium distillate cartridge you choose to be sure to pair it with an MKX branded battery, available in black, platinum, and white.

Lab Testing

MKX Oil Co products are screened for cannabinoid content and residual solvents by PSI Labs and Steadfast Labs.


2 carts, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 Carts


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