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Pink Starburst Strain


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 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Pink Starburst Strain

Pink Starburst strain is a sativa dominant hybrid

through a potent cross of the delicious (DJ Short’s Blueberry X

Headband) X Sour Diesel BX3 strains. With a delicious flavor

that you must experience at least once in your lifetime and

dazzling daytime effects, Pink Starburst  is certainly a wonder

to behold! This bud has a sweet fruity candy flavor that drips

off of your tongue with each tasty toke. The aroma is very floral

and sweet with a sour berry effect accented by fresh mellow

earth as the nugs are burned. The Pink Starburst weed high comes

on fairly quickly after you take a few hits, filling your mind with

clear-headed focus and a tingly sense of happiness.

This effect will increase your motivation and creativity

as a sense of happy relaxation spreads from head to toe.

These effects in combination with its moderate THC level

give Pink Starburst an edge in treating conditions such as

chronic fatigue, migraines ore headaches, depression,

chronic stress, and eye pressure or glaucoma.

Pink Starburst strain have fluffy neon green nugs

with pinkish undertones, bright orange hairs,

and a coating of golden crystal trichomes.

Pink Starburst Strain

Although its name might have you thinking of the soft pink square candy, these buds aren’t pink. Instead, they boast a neon green and are quite fluffy, which is sure to impress anyone who purchases them. Buds also contain purple undertones that, in the right light, often take on a pinkish hue. They’re covered in winding orange hairs and a coating of amber-gold trichomes that will satisfy any snob worried about the strain’s appearance. The aroma produced is quite floral, with a sweet-but-sour berry scent combined with mellow and musty earth. The flavor is so thick that these nugs are often described as “dripping” with flavor. With every hit, you should expect flavors like sweet fruity candy with a bit of an earthy aftertaste that’ll have you craving for another hit.


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