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Purple Runtz


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50% Sativa

50% Indica

Purple Runtz STRAIN 

Purple Runtz is an evenly balance hybrid strain

(50% indica 50% sativa) create through crossing

the delicious Zkittlez X Gelato #33 strains.

Name for its delicious flavor and gorgeous appearance,

THIS Runtz is the perfect choice for any hybrid lover.

This bud has dense grape shape bright neon green nugs

with thick orange hairs, vibrant purple undertones and

a frosty, thick coating of tiny, purple-tint white crystal trichomes.

As you pull apart each sparkling little nugget,

aromas of fresh sweet grape candy and sour citrus  release,

accent by touches of fresh earthiness.

The flavor is on the sweeter side of things,

with a fresh tropical citrus overtone accent by sweet

and sugary grape candy. The Purple Runtz

high is just as delicious, with stimulating and lift effects

that will boost the mind while helping the body truly

settle down into a state of pure ease. You’ll feel euphoric

with a happy sense of stimulating mental energy

that quickly turns tingly and arousing. This tingle

will soon spread throughout your entire body, leaving

you feeling arouse yet relax and totally calm from head to toe.

Combine with its high 18% + average THC level,

these effects make Purple Runtz a great choice

for treating chronic pain, depression,

chronic stress or anxiety and cramps or muscle spasms.


Ounce, 2 OZ, QP, HP, Pound, 2 Pounds


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