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Tree Base Klear Carts

Tree Base Klear Carts. The Tree Base is a pioneer in

concentrates one of the first to bring clear, distillate concentrates

to the market. Tree Base’s line of vape cartridges, crystalline,

and klear syringes delivers a clean high every time. Tree Base

supplies extracts upon which the cannabis community.

Their methods render consistent extracts that express

the essence of the original strain in every puff.

History: Tree Base was founded on a ground-breaking formula.

The founders have been around cannabis for most

of their lives, and have more than a decade of

experience in the industry. Tree Base’s co-founder

and chemist developed a method that produced colorless,

odorless, waterclear distillate. They both knew they’d

stumbled upon something that ought to be shared.

Tree Base partners identified a hole in the market

and wanted to bring something to the cannabis

extraction market that would raise the bar. For the Tree Base

co-founders, the cannabis industry is not a trend, or

about turning a profit, it is a lifestyle. Tree Base

launched in 2015, debuting their waterclear extractions

to concentrate enthusiasts throughout California.

Tree Base Klear

Their clear distillate concentrates blew extraction standards out of the water, but reshaping the narrative about distillate was an uphill battle. With much patience and an eagerness to educate, it was only a matter of time before the cannabis community gave them a try and fell in love. Since their launch, the founders and Tree Base team have proudly supplied their patrons premium cannabis extractions. Today, the founders invite the cannabis community to experience what their products have to offer. Go on and take a puff, this difference is klear.


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